Theory & Philosophy

I have been teaching my own theory's & philosophy now for a large part of my life & the one thing that is apparent that one theory does not fit all , But a large number of contributing factors do play a vital role in every theory,  In my opinion these are the crucial elements in any physical athletic  development.


I believe that intensity is the vital ingredient to getting a gaged chemical response from the body & the  brain ,create intensity & the body's natural reaction is to adapt ie For every action there is a reaction in the bodies case adaptation ,so ultimately to become stronger & more efficient , However we all have a pre disposed genetic blueprint meaning one person's  intensity can be very different to someone else both physically & mentally women notoriously have a much higher pain threshold than their male counterparts  ,So therefore it takes many attempts to try & figure out our max intensity level both psychologically  & physically,& paramount safely.& The motivations that can help use get in that intense zone.

Dedication, Discipline, Design

With these 3 factors one doesn't work without the other , Program these into your fitness blueprint & you will get the results you are looking for ,Dedication is simple application to the job in hand & the willingness to complete it ,Discipline to get yourself to your activity & work 100%, Desire to focus on what you want & ultimately create your own path to those results no matter what. Keep these in your head when things get tough & let's see what prevails.


We all have to be honest with ourselves as we have this wonderful frustrating thing called genetics which unfortunately puts limits on our human performance . Our own unique genetic coding, Its up to use also to figure Some parts of  this out ie food group  type (protein or carb) Body type, Also our responsive tissue type ie what fibres have we been using in fact we have been conditioning our bodies & brains to function a certain way for a long time do you need to change that or part of that re-wire yourself this is where honesty is important to get progression , So when you add all these factors together & find your pure program you unlock your genetic coding ,Nutrition & Exercise becomes everyday part of your life but with no strains or pains as you are not fighting genetics but enhancing them, Welcome to the world of strength & conditioning coding Simon's way.